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How to send Bitcoin correctly (PLEASE READ) >>
There's no such thing as a free lunch, so, in order for us to provide you with the 20% EXTRA discount, this process needs to be fairly automated. Meaning: You must read, follow the instructions, and execute payment correctly (We're not able to fund a full-time crypto support team and also offer the extra 20% discount).

Here's what you need to know:

Our system checks the blockchain for several hours after you click "place order". If no confirmation is seen, your order is canceled. Not to worry - if your order gets canceled and payment hasn't fully confirmed, no problem, you can reach out to us and we can manually process, but this will add quite a bit of time for order processing (up to a week!!) To avoid this hassle, PLEASE read:
  1. Be in possession of actual Bitcoin before placing the order. Many exchanges (e.g. Coinbase, bitpay) put a 72 hour hold on coin buys, so this automatically spells trouble.
  2. Be prepared to send your payment immediately after clicking "place order". Don't go get lunch/coffee/beer first - Get that afterward =)
  3. Send your payment with a decent miner fee to ensure your payment is confirmed on the blockchain in a reasonable amount of time. For us, we recommend within 10-15 blocks. Anything slower has a risk of taking days to confirm, or dropping from the mempool. If you don't see an option to adjust the miner fee, consider using a different wallet that exposes this value.
  4. DO NOT SEND Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), or any other fork of bitcoin. Please only send Bitcoin (BTC).
  5. DO NOT SEND $USD, €EURO etc. We've already converted the price for you. Please pay the bitcoin price, not the USD price. If you're typing in dollars, euros, etc, your payment may FAIL.
  6. If your wallet takes fees out of what it sends to us, adjust for these BEFORE you send. We cannot accept incomplete payments, and sending the remaining amount will COST you more transaction fees. In the example below, the exchange is deducting a fee before send-out. This customer would need to add extra to cover the fee so that the amount in green matches the requested payment amount (not all exchanges do this):
  7. You are 100% responsible to cover the extra cost in transaction fees for refunds, underpayments, improper use of ShapeShift etc. In addition, payment errors such as:
    • underpayment,
    • typing in the wrong amount or having your wallet perform a currency conversion,
    • sending the payment outside of the allotted time window,
    • sending the payment with insufficient miner fee so no confirmation within time window,

      ...will delay your order processing up to ONE WEEK. If in doubt, ONLY send bitcoin from a dedicated wallet such as ELECTRUM, and avoid using exchanges to send! (sending from exchanges is bad practice anyway). Unsure what the difference is between and exchange and a wallet? Read HERE.

...if all this seems overwhelming, please choose a different payment method.

Using other cryptocurrency >>

We DON'T recommend this option unless you routinely use ShapeShift. If you're comfortable with ShapeShift, click [Pay with Altcoins] link on the next page, e.g:

ShapeShift will pop up the conversion window:

...make sure your payment to ShapeShift confirms fast (minutes), as exchange rates change fast as well! Also ensure you send the full amount requested to ShapeShift, or they will pay out less to us, resulting in incomplete payment. If you don't routinely use ShapeShift, please do not use this option.